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11-05-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by battlingBard56 View Post
I could be mistaken on this because I heard it from somebody, but I heard that Romney wanted to fly into NJ to "survey the damage" with Christie, asked him as such and Christie essentially told him to stay the **** out of NJ, that he didn't want Romney attempting to politicize the tragedy in his state.
Yet he allowed Obama to come by and have a photo-op with him(unless that didn't take place anywhere in NJ)....

Give me a break....Chris Christie is a Obama-Supporter, Period. What he did with that Photo-op basically gave Barrack an official endorsement, nothing more. Unless Chris is naive enough to believe that Obama was there for altruistic reasons instead of just looking for an edge in the polls....

Anyway, let me stop there because Politics should not be brought up at a time like this(but I had to say my piece on this one)

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