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11-05-2012, 10:34 AM
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yes, khl knows about these negatives. I am sure. It is impossible to change someting if other subjects (FHR, IIHF, other leagues) dont want it.

Tickets - imagine that club would play 35-40 home games in regular season instead of current 26-7. Slovan - 40 games X average ticket 10-15 euro x 10 000 fans. Yes, clubs would have extra costs, but income is bigger IMO.

TV rights - KHL would ask more money (=more money for clubs if revenue sharing is accepted), more games-more money

Shalaev, vicepresident of KHL in today´s press

This situation (status quo as we wrote above) should change after Sochi. I think KHL should be more forceable/assertive to protect its interests after Sochi. It is not good for russian hockey, if professionals of this level who are well paid play only 50-2 games in RS. Hockey players say us that they want to play more. He mentioned 80-85 games of RS (paraphrase)

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