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I know it has roots in Northern European regions but I did not mean North America was introducing the sport to the UK, i mean that it was trying to expand the game there.

Cuz frankly, the UK was never that big in the sport to begin with. Many British troops would come over to Canada and play with other immigrants but the sport never really took off on the professional or elite level.

But that game was just a few or more people skating on ice with a ball and a stick. There are actual mentions of the game between Native Americans in Canada before the british came who played between tribes and regions for sport, for fun, for war. Way before the 17th century. Folk tale stories still told today.

but the modern game is probably more due to Canadians rather than the brits. The brits did come over and expand the game here but the game stands here in Canada. Montreal was the first modern game. Boards, goalis, teams and everything. Victoria.


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