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11-05-2012, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
Last year I was pooing during Irene. It went pitch black. I didn't know what to do.
That's what I was doing when that earthquake hit over a year ago. When I was sitting there, in an upstairs bathroom, and felt the house shaking.... My first thoughts were that this is how I was going to die.

Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
My Mom got scared the one night. She was in our kitchen playing cards or something. I walked into the bathroom, flashlight in hand, literally repeating the phrase out loud "Don't hit the switch, don't hit the switch, don't hit the switch." I opened the bathroom door, hit the switch, yelled "GOD ****ING DAMMIT" and took the angriest crap of my life. My Mom thought I fell down the stairs.
The worst part is that after those times you still happen to hit it on the way out of the bathroom. That was the part that really drove me nuts.

Originally Posted by glenwo2 View Post
Yet he allowed Obama to come by and have a photo-op with him(unless that didn't take place anywhere in NJ)....
It doesn't matter who the president is, how far away the nearest election is, or what parties the involved politicians represent. In any circumstance such as this, the current president is going to show up to that location because that's part of the job. Were some of the specific things Obama said, or how quickly he got out there impacted a bit by the timing of the election? Maybe. I couldn't say. But this could have happened in the middle of his term, or during a 2nd term, and the result ultimately would have been the same. Find me any other similar weather related disaster in this country where the president doesn't show up in the near future after it passes as part of the recovery. I don't care what party anyone supports. If you can't accept that much as fact then you're just lost.

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