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11-05-2012, 11:18 AM
Going North
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What I'm anxious to see is that the younger players that have been hanging around and really have yet to establish themselves based on talent and draft position getting a wake up call. Someone hit the nail right on the head, unacceptable results from these youngsters hurt not only the franchise's long term success, but some are saddled with contracts based on such small windows of play that it makes them difficult to "dangle" as bait with any real success. Hoping for the best while never "preparing" for the worst has been a real achilles heel here.

I don't expect this is be a complete turnaround virtually overnight, but I do expect the significant mistakes made vs. the positive returns start to reverse themselves immediately.

Honestly, the more I think about this, and most of you know my feelings on Howson, it might have been for the best to just fire him and start fresh from the position of GM, even if it ends up being in name only, us aside on this board, there are quite a few fans who's faith in him to get a job done is shaken, be it though his own shortcomings or the preceived overbearing nature that was Mike Priest the last 5 and a half years. Priest has essentially been "reassigned", assuring (at least on the surface) that he keeps his hands out of the "competitive portion of the pie", so to speak.

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