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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Yeah, money is the biggest concern and the initial motivator to us coming to the conclusion that we simply just cant afford to live in the Northeast anymore. Theres a very bad combination of little to no jobs and rising expenses. Just comparing to places I looked in Idaho we could get a cheaper but much bigger house and go from spending 6600 a year in property taxes to 1400. You add up that difference over a 30 year mortgage and you've saved some serious money. Not to mention all of the other reductions in expenses. Cheaper utilities, no car tax, cheaper gas, cheaper food, you name it.

The big thing though is it's so damn expensive to move. Just getting a PODS or two will be about 4 grand. We would be renting out our house because like most people in this area we're currently underwater on our mortgage. So that means we gotta spend some to get this place in rental condition, that means repairing a central air unit that I tolerated it's issues but a tenant wont, thats a few thousand alone. It's going to suck but we need to bite the bullet and will be much better off in the long run for doing it.

I've mainly used sights like trulia and message boards like city-data to get a feel on the areas. Seems like the more cost effective areas of Pittsburgh are the towns to the northwest of the city like Beaver. Are those places dumps? Seems like the taxes drop sharply when you get out of Allegheny (spelling?). My ideal situation would be to have about an acre of land, a 3brm or greater house and about a 20-30 min drive to a place like PNC park. I am looking around anywhere from 150-250k. For me to get a place like that in CT around my area it would cost about 450k and have about a 8-10k yearly property tax to go with it.
In Pittsburgh, you can get a pretty sizable house (enough to raise a family of 4), in a nice neighborhood in the mid-100,000's. I know my friend who just moved from a 1 bedroom townhouse in Stamford, CT, just bought a 3,500 sq ft house with the money he got from selling the thing.

Originally Posted by End of Line View Post
With the game being on MNF next week, that'll be 8 out of the 9 games I've been able to watch on TV. From the looks of it, with the schedule going forward I'll be able to watch all the games this season on TV minus 3. Best it's been in a long, long time.
Well selfishly, I don't care if anyone outside of Pittsburgh can see the game, as I hate games that aren't at 1 o'clock.

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