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11-05-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
Very easy to target the QB because you don't have to analyze what's really going on.

The Giant receivers aren't getting much separation. Teams are now doing a great job of reading the Giants option routes. What that is doing, is giving Eli a smaller window to throw into. Also because of that, he's holding the ball longer.

The problem also today is Gilbride decided to not run any other type of routes. No slants, to screens, go to etc... Everything is vertical. When the Steelers weren't giving them that pass.
It's the same 2 receivers sets. No 3 or 4 sets. No adjustment at all by the coaching staff.

The bottom line is, the Giants NEED a shorter passing game. Teams are taking away the deep throw.
Exactly. No running game, no short game. How is Eli supposed to be effective when he has one play is his arsenal?

I think after a year and half of beating teams with the same exact thing they've gotten wise to it. An adjustment needs to be made in the passing game and the running game needs to be fixed.

Unfortunately none of this will happen because Gilbride is a homunculous. His formula is the same every possession: run for no gain, run for no gain, throw deep into a deep pass defense, punt. Repeat.

The biggest problem imo though is the ineffective running game. Teams don't even have to stack the box to stop it, so they can take away the deep pass on every play without worrying about the run.

And maybe Eli didn't have his sharpest game but we can't expect him to do it every week. What he's done in the past is go out there with no support from his running game or coaching, and still put up points despite the fact that the other team knows what's coming. Nobody can get away with that consistently, not even Tom Brady.

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