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11-05-2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
Well the way I see it (and forgive me as this will sound a little insensitive), if threats were posted on an online message board, he has every right to take them seriously as they involve his families well being. No argument from me.

I'm just not sure how serious he took them. If they were as serious as he indicates, then I'm surprised he didn't pursue police and legal action. Death threats against any persons family isn't right, no matter how passionate someone is. If they do exist(I certainly haven't heard or seen any reported by local news outlets) then Tillman absolutely did the right thing. I also feel he should've pursued police action.

It just feel its possible that he mentioned this as a permanent reason to stay in Regina. Again I know this sounds insensitive and I do apologize for that, but it just seems its an excuse for him to stay in Regina. Certainly his families well being comes first in all this though. Again I could very well be wrong, but I guess we'll never know.
Yeah, I kinda disagree. If actual threats are made by an acquaintance, someone you know, its easy to know how to take it and how to deal with it. When threats are made against a public figure through any media its a much more disquieting phenomenon leaving the individual with free floating fear, looking at every shadow, wondering who it could be, not feeling safe in public, etc. This phenomenon is well known in Hollywood and anybody its happened to tends to be terrified by it. Its the unknown nature of an anonymous threat that makes it more terrifying.

The devil you know is of course threatening, but knowing you can take action(s) involving known threatening persons gives some sense of relief. Also that the threat is isolated to person(s).

Just as a sidenote I'm a fervent critic of online shaming behavior and such as what occurred after the Vancouver riots. With the online attacking component being arguably worse then what it purported to be reacting to.

Online threats are imo an epidemic that requires better answers. For some reason behaviors that would not be tolerated in person are often tolerated online and with a notion that what happens online never really hurts anybody. Until it does..again and again and again.

Threats are threats. Regardless of source.

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