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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
It's not a dead giveaway, I've had people bid on my cards instead of BIN. Example: Sharp 16950 BID and 17000 BIN. Guy bids, other BINs.

How are you getting these SOTW deals though? Dang. I've only once ever seen a solid steal up there, Kessel for 85k. And I missed it by half a second.
On the really expensive SOTW ones, it's pretty much, maybe not always, but a lot of the time, a dead giveaway. It's more likely that someone might only have around 16950, but if they've got 699,950 to bid, then they likely know how to be resourceful enough to either get the extra 50 pucks very quickly, or just have them in the first place. If you combine that, with looking at it and seeing that it has like 6 or 7 owners, with 0 games played, plus you can recognize the guys that do it. Power Play, Diable, Treyuall, TRADE WITH ME, DA TRAP, etc.

Getting the SOTW steals, I'm just getting lucky, man. I mean I've been spending most of my time when I've played the game looking for Zetterberg SOTW, but occasionally I'd look for Karlsson because I know he went for a lot, so I knew I could potentially make a killing if I found one for cheap. No Zetterbergs were popping up, I looked for Karlsson, and there he was, someone must've just put him up for an hour, there was like 58 minutes and 50 seconds left, to be honest I'm surprised he was up there for that long at that price.

Same thing with the Toews I got for 105, I was at the 1 hour mark of the regular cards, trying to get steals to build up my pucks to get Zetterberg, I only had like 130k, and I got bored there and checked the SOTWs, and there he was. I was like OMG OMG OMG lol.

I had actually bought a ton of trainings last month, all good stuff, for cheap, and was planning on using them next month in the playoffs, but earlier that day, I decided I wanted to just sell almost all of them off, because I wanted Zetterberg SOTW so I needed all the pucks I could get if I found one for a steal price, or if I found another SOTW for cheap that I could re-sell (like the Toews).

So I sold them, and made 40k that afternoon, and then that night is when I found the Toews. So if I didn't make that decision to sell those earlier that day, I would've probably been around 10k short of that Toews, and he'd have been gone by the time I got the pucks up to get him.

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