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11-05-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
On another note I think this movement really shows who cares about money(the players) and who cares about hockey(the owners). I hope when those greedy little ..... get back to playing the HRR drops and they lose a ton of money. I will still watch hockey though because I love the sport and not the players.
Greed is not mutually exclusive. Both sides can be Gordon Geckos.

Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
Huh? Thatīs just silly.
Originally Posted by Dixon Ward View Post
it may sound silly, but, in my experience it happens occasionally. i've seen it first hand. in one case it took 2 years to settle a contract because the two principles couldn't be in the same room without screaming. they were basically 1% apart on the money and couldn't get it done because they refused to deal with each other. lack of respect, mutual dislike, and/or a battle of egos can cause communication breakdowns and entrenched positions. i'm not saying that explains the entire lockout; but, it is curious that one of the longest bargaining sessions thus far was between s. fehr and daly in a neutral location.
Agree it happens. Long before negotiations begin, strategies are set with individual roles and responsibilities. IMHO, a personal impasse between Bettman and D. Fehr is a real possibility.

Another reason for having the second-in-commands from each side talk, is it allows both sides to have an "out" that since the principal / lead people were not involved, an "unofficial" tag can be attached to the discussions. There can be a lot more probing of potential positions / "what ifs", etc., if Bettman & D. Fehr aren't involved.

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