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11-05-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
Judging from the way the Blues were assembled, don't expect any "big UFA signings" at all. I like how JD said it: one brick at a time.
Not directed at you, but that phrase is going to grow tiresome very quickly. It's already starting to get on my nerves, but to be fair cliche's like that annoy me quicker than most.

Having said that, my real point in posting was to say Davidson already said we aren't going to solve this via FA. There is no reason to believe we are going to be players in that market, not that we've ever been players anyway. Sure we signed Foote and tried to sign Redden, but historically we've been fairly conservative. Based on how JD has spoken, there is no reason to even entertain anything major in the FA period.

Oh and 92% said we should hire this guy? Run in fear now. That type of consensus can't end well... :p

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