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11-05-2012, 12:32 PM
David Krejci*
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How do you guys get so many SOTW players? I dont have a single one and I have a stacked team. Do you ever play the game or just play the auction house?

edit: cant be packs right?
I spend a lot of time on the auction house, but I've played like 150 games. I'm just good at playing the market and I've gotten lucky and been in the right place at the right time. I had bought my whole team with the 450k pucks I earned in the first couple of weeks of the game being out, during that time I only played like 15 games, spent 90% of the time I was playing, on the market.

Then after I had the team I wanted, I stopped worrying about playing the market and played only games, spent some of my pucks on packs and got some decent stuff that I could sell, like Duchene (sold for 35k) and Suter (sold for 10k), and then I decided I was obviously going to want to upgrade my regular players I have to the SOTW versions when they come out, so I started spending a little bit more time looking for steals. Not nearly as much as before, but I'd look, and spend a couple minutes at a time or so looking, and built my pucks up to like 50k or so.

Then SOTW Zetterberg came out last Tuesday and I was like "Okay no more games, I HAVE to have that card", lol. And then I went back to spending all of my time looking for one of those/other steals to build up my pucks to get one. I even sold my regular Zetterberg because I wanted to be as ready as I could be to get a SOTW one if one came up, or just another big steal to then flip. I hadn't played any games up until last night, when I sold that Karlsson for 600k and got up to 775k, I was like "okay, I can play some games now, I have the pucks to get Z when one comes up."

So I put Legwand on my 4th line (he was a reserve), and moved Krejci from the 4th line to the 1st line, in place of where Zetterberg was, and inbetween Parise and Ryan, for the time until I get Zetterberg SOTW.