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About Yourself
Name: Erik Dykeman
Age: 25
Location: Rhode Island
Origin of Screen Name: First name initial, beginning of PSN name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 10 years
Current Team: N/A
Current League: N/A
Highest Level Played: D1 High School
Current Level: Pick up/Beer league
Position: Goalie
Type of Player: Hybrid
Player You Emulate: Jaroslav Halak

Current Gear
Helmet: S-tech Fusion 9961
Shoulders: Simmons C/A
Elbows: Simmons C/A
Leg Pads: Bauer RX8
Blocker/Catcher: Bauer RX6
Skates: Bauer Pro Goalie (something like that...)
Stick: Warrior

Hobbies: hockey!?, video games, theatre (attending, not acting)
Movies: any horror movie
Music: anything but country
TV: Walking Dead, Dexter, Castle
Food: Chicken...I am on a permanent diet
Drinks: Vodka, scotch, beer, wine
Hockey Team: NY Rangers, Boston Bruins
Hockey Player: Patrick Roy

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