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11-05-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
The second point is not true even if people believe it, Backlund averaged more than 3 minutes a night of ES time a game and also saw almost a minute more on the power play than Horak. Horak moved lines a fair bit but his 3 top played with forwards were Byron, Tko, Jackman in comparison Backlund who moved around alot played with Stemps, Iginla, Comeau. So I would say that Horak played with the 4th liners and Backlund played with the 3rd liners. The year before Backlund played with Hagman, Glencross and Iginla the most and had 25 points in 75 games.

I think think the reason people think Horak is better is that last year Backlund was expect to take the next step and become and 30-40 point center with good 2 way ability but his season was plagued with injuries and many felt resentment towards him for it. So when Horak who was the only real player traded for Erixon made the team and had some success people moved their hopes to him. I think it is pretty obvious that Backlund is the better player.
I remember Horak playing a hell of a lot with GlenX, maybe I am mistaken though.

Backlund may have played more minutes but those minutes were much harder minutes. Backlund played a handful of games with Iggy last year, and some were while injured/recovering.

Saying he played with Hagman kind of proves the opposite of your point as Hagman played like garbage most of last season.

EDIT: Also, Backlunds MPG is going to be inflated due to how few games he played, he was on the top line to start the season before his injury.

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