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11-05-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
The cities are two hours apart, its not like the Blue Jackets will lose fans if Cleveland got a team. Sure there are Clevelanders who drive to C-bus but a large portion of them (anecdotal evidence only) aren't Blue Jackets fans its just cheaper to go there than Detroit.
The point is that adding a second NHL team to Ohio when, let's face it, Columbus still has a lot to prove for their franchise stability, would very likely run the risk of vastly over-saturating the market, especially as Cleveland's been declining population- and wealth-wise in huge ways.

Originally Posted by rt View Post
No it's not. That's like saying Texas is basically Canada.

Why would the NHL be adverse to putting a team like Buffalo in an otherwise all Canadian division?
Because no American NHL team wants to be in a division with only other Canadian teams. That simple, really. They've already been some pretty widespread discussions that neither Colorado or Minnesota were very keen on the idea of being in a reformed division with the four western Candadian teams, too.

Dollars to donuts the NHL will be much more likely to create odd divisions like the Quebec & Dixie one I made over a geographically logical division that only has a single American team.

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