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11-05-2012, 01:23 PM
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Robertson was injured in Friday night's game. He went to the dressing room and when he came back out he sat on the bench but did not play again.

As a long time Reds fan I am insulted by someone saying UNB fans think UNB never loses because of UNB. Sure I love going to watch UNB win but that is not always the way it is going to be. I remember going to a games years ago on Friday and Saturday nights and the team that showed up Friday was not the same team that showed up Saturday. So I know they can and we will lose some games. Sometimes they don't always play their best game or sometimes they just simply get out played but that was not the case Saturday night. That said they do have to STOP taking questionable penalties and be more disciplined! Saturday night the fans were frustrated by some of the calls or most of the calls. Defence has also been a concern this year but as fans we stand behind our team!

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