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Originally Posted by Rinzler View Post
High scoring smallish forwards are a dime a dozen in junior and often don't amount to much. We got Connor Brown around the same time, and despite being able to score so frequently is probably a longshot at best for the NHL.

Finn definitely doesn't qualify here. We do potentially have a steal but time will tell. Right now Finn is proving to everyone that he should have been a mid 1st round pick. Which is great for us, but nothing more than that yet.
IMO Matt Finn got drafted right around where he should have. An early poster commented on his "great skating" and Interactif mentioned Blacker. Finn's skating is really just above average and Blacker was a better skater at the same age. Blacker is also bigger and plays a more physical game than Finn. I'm simply pointing out 2 factors working against Finn - he is not an elite skater and does not have great size. Ian White was smaller than Finn but a much better skater. This doesn't mean Finn won't surpass Blacker or rise to Ian White's level, but you can only have so many 6' tall or so dmen like Rielly, Finn, Percy, Blacker etc. and Rielly is clearly at the head of that class. While I don't love Franson, you have to have the odd decent sized dman other than Phaneuf back there.

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