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Originally Posted by etac View Post
Long time lurker, first time poster. Figured I would share my story.

Started playing hockey at 4 years old, and played up through high school. Played D1, AAA travel, etc. and through the years switched from playing D to RW...especially since at 13, I was 6'1", 180lbs and as fast as any other forward (13 was when we could start checking in our league). I quit playing because I didn't want to play in college and preferred other extra-curriculars (see: alcoholic beverages).

Anyway, for some crazy reason I decided I wanted to play again. Oh, but I didn't just want to play again...I wanted to play the one position I never tried...goalie. So after 2 months of scouring the internet for information and sales on pads, I have all of my equipment. I have been skating here and there since I stopped playing, so getting back on the ice wasn't an issue. I even laughed the first time I skated in my goalie skates...I didn't see what people were talking about when they said how different they were. Sure the blade was a little longer and wasn't rocked, but didn't skate that differently.

I post now, at 25 years old, 7 short hours before my first ever game as a goalie, feeling nervous and jittery. I have no idea how some of you guys and gals do it. I am a strong skater and have all the skills, yet I am still petrified of tonight. I do realize that goalie =/= playing out and is a whole different skill set, but I wasn't expecting these kind of nerves. I want to say I have a lot of respect for all of you that are starting up for the first time, having never skated before.

I also wanted to add that I agree with what a few of you said before, that no matter how skilled you are, you will always make a fool of yourself.

For tonight though, my goal is a 48% save average...I'd be happy with that, haha.
good luck man! curious to see how it goes

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