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11-05-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Viller View Post
How do you guys get so many SOTW players? I dont have a single one and I have a stacked team. Do you ever play the game or just play the auction house?

edit: cant be packs right?
Ive played over 300 games

I feel like its a much better way to make pucks

As crazy as 300 games sound, im willing to bet 200 have been Rookie Tournament games where I am just half assing it and not really paying attention. For example I will start the game, and the load up a show on Netflix on my laptop, and just leave the game as it is. Most of the time the AI won't score on you through the whole period, and sometimes you will even find a certain "place" where the AI cant get the puck and they just stand there poking or trying to stick lift for 20 min haha. When the third period rolls around, I'll score a couple goals (because the Rookie Tourney is THAT easy) and then win the game, and make 600+ pucks

I pretty much always have a game running if I am in my room and not doing anything too important.

Working the market is overrated. Guys like HFuser David Krejci have gotten some insane steals, but personally speaking I haven't had much luck. Id rather spend an hour watching a show on Netflix and earning 600 pucks every 20 min, then having to watch the market where you might not get any great deals, and you might even make mistakes and overpay.

My method is slow but steady, but you wont make like 100k pucks in a day haha. More like 10k on a good day (I work the market too, between games I bid on change team cards and captain cards and I can make around 150 off each card by reselling, but this has become a pain since more people try to do this method now, and the price of them are dropping)

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