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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
The point is that adding a second NHL team to Ohio when, let's face it, Columbus still has a lot to prove for their franchise stability, would very likely run the risk of vastly over-saturating the market, especially as Cleveland's been declining population- and wealth-wise in huge ways.

Because no American NHL team wants to be in a division with only other Canadian teams. That simple, really. They've already been some pretty widespread discussions that neither Colorado or Minnesota were very keen on the idea of being in a reformed division with the four western Canadian teams, too.

Dollars to donuts the NHL will be much more likely to create odd divisions like the Quebec & Dixie one I made over a geographically logical division that only has a single American team.
I agree on Cleveland.

Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
Why not ?

Honestly, I am very curious to know why being in a division with 4 Canadian teams is bad ?

Going too often by the border ? I don't think so. All teams are already and must remain pre-approved with US and Canadian Customs offices.
As for a 4-1 country split, it really doesn't make sound business sense for a number of reasons. It has nothing to do with any kind of nationalist issues (so let's put that bed right now). I think the players would enjoy playing road games in front of packed houses with great atmospheres.

But it's a TV thing. Pure and simple. You're not getting many (if any) national TV games in the United States if you're the only US team in your division. The geographic alignment makes "rivalry games" and "division games" as the same thing. So you'll always be passed over by NBC.

Personally, I think the smartest thing the NHL could do would be to scrap pure geography and create hybrid divisions, force "division rivals" to create more marquee games. Go East-Central-West in each conference, and use "interleague play" to maintain the same 6-game schedule against a corresponding division. So, Wales East plays the Wales Conference, and Campbell East.

That's what makes the four-conference alignment so intriguing: FLA and TB with MON-TOR-OTT-BOS. You're assimilating the Southeast rather than segregating them.

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