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11-05-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Preisst View Post
Chris Clark was a good player for what he brought to the ice. Just cuz he scored 30 goals one year doesn't make him a bad player -lol- there is so much wrong with that logic I don't know where to start.

Clark was the captain of the Capitals which proves his worth as a hockey player.

Funny how easy some ppull jump on bandwagons.

Chris Clark was NOT the worst player to hit 30 goals since the 2002 season.

In my opinion that would be either Mark Parrish who did it in 02 or Jussi Jokinen who did it in 10. Clark is, IMCO, easily a better player then either or those two.

The ppull mentioning Prucha and Svatos aren't far off the right answer.
Well I assume in a thread talking about 30 goal scorers that we would be talking about their ability to score goals and not looking at leadership qualities or defensive capabilities. Chris Clark was a decent PKer and grinder who scored 20 then 30 goals out of the blue.

Parrish was actually a decent scorer, 6 seasons with over 20 goals. I wouldn't call him the worst, but definitely a one dimensional player.

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