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11-05-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by gifted88 View Post
Well I assume in a thread talking about 30 goal scorers that we would be talking about their ability to score goals and not looking at leadership qualities or defensive capabilities. Chris Clark was a decent PKer and grinder who scored 20 then 30 goals out of the blue.

Parrish was actually a decent scorer, 6 seasons with over 20 goals. I wouldn't call him the worst, but definitely a one dimensional player.
Based on the OP he was looking for the worst player who happened to have scored 30goals since 2002. In my mind being a good player is a combination of several factors and does not necessarily equate to strictly goals and assists like some ppull think [not saying you cuz you haven't said that].

The very fact that Parrish was such a one dimensional player is part of why I think he was a worse player then Clark.

btw - you know what they say about 'assumptions'

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