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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
You are exactly right but the reason people are criticizing him in this thread is because the poster above you seems to think he is a great top 6 winger in the same category as Nick Backstrom.

And to you Mr. Stats guy, why haven't you addressed any of my posts? I have called out your stats and methodology several times and you just ignore it and mention your ridiculous assertions that TK is "a top ten assist man" in the league. Get a grip.
What have you called out? Nothing. Until I see a single ounce of data to support any of your opinions, (they will be just that). I have simply provided some data that contradicts your opinion, but now the data is "wrong"? How is it wrong? What are you calling out? More importantly, what is your proof that it is wrong? That is "calling out"; Don't just say something is wrong, but "prove it". Prove that TK sucks or whatever your agenda may be.

TK has played for just one team, and for the most part, a single coach. The /60min stats are used to put every player on the same baseline regardless of how much a team decides to use them. Players don't have a say on how often they hop over the bench, just what they do while on the ice. These stats are a decent indicator as to who is most likely to do "what" / minute of 5v5 ice time. It is a very common way to try to put things on a more even playing field. Sure, we can look at season totals, but they don't tell us much because they aren't adjusted for ice time (quantity and type).

The better question is "Why doesn't TK get more minutes in spite of being fairly productive while on the ice?" This is a much better question over holding a single person's opinion (Byslma's) as infallible and assuming he is effectively utilizing every single player to the fullest extent. Would you also use this flawed logic and state that OV was a sub par player because Hunter barely played him last year? Coach utilization should never be used in any evaluation because it is 100% dependent on the coach being "right" or not. Might as well flip a coin.

Also remember that TK played on Staal's line. Staal's line generally went up against the #1-#2 lines. (there is also data to prove this too). I would estimate that most teams don't pair up their 3rd pairing D men with their top 2 lines very often. I definitely know they aren't forcing their 3rd pairing out against TK to get their "match-up".

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