Thread: Proposal: Vancouver-Montreal-Chicago
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11-05-2012, 04:17 PM
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Don't want Roberto Luongo.
Eddie Lack is a goalie prospect we could use, or we could just draft one.

If I'm giving up Price, Collberg (solid prospect), Thrower (solid prospect) 2nd (meh) and Erik Cole (33, but just got a 30 goal season and has value to the habs that other teams wouldn't take into account. He helps mentor patches, he's great for the young guys and he was part of our best and most consistent line.) I'd want something other than Patrick Kane. Great player, tremendously skilled and would be our best forward since Lafleur, but when there's just him and a bunch of other midgets being pushed around it's not going to look so good.

OP is correct. After Price (and I guess Budaj/any other NHL backup) there's jack **** in terms of depth. Though, Desjardins is alright, but he's hurt. Delmas and Mayer don't seem to have NHL material.

In short, Price is our most valuable player by a long shot (imo) and he's the most untouchable. Even more so than Galchenyuk.

Even with Luongo coming back, I'd rather keep Price. Rather have him grow with the current young players and prospects coming in. He's also proved that he can handle the pressure in Montreal. A lot of players can't and it's extremely hard for goalies.

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