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The fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989/90 hit the prestige of the World Championships hard, but 23 years later, IIHF still pretends as if nothing happened. Until 1989, "thanks" to the oppressive Communist regimes, you could at least guarantee that the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia would be playing at full strength at the World Championships, because players from Communist countries were not allowed to join the NHL after being drafted.

I'm with Vicente and I would simply cancel the World Championships as a season-ending tournament. The tournament in its present form just doesn't make a lot of sense when it constantly interferes with the NHL play-offs, and now it's also starting to interfere with the KHL, forcing it to terminate the regular season at an absurdly early date, in the midst of winter, with heaps of snow everywhere around. It just makes no sense for many dozens of KHL players to end their season right there, in mid-February or early March.

I would prefer World Championships as a pre-season tournament, once every 4 years, in between the Olympic years, featuring all NHL and KHL stars. The several Canada Cups and World Cups held in North America in the past proved that this can be done. Isn't a biannual, truly top-level international tourney preferable over an annual inferior tourney, bombastically named "World Championships", although the rosters belie the name? It almost reminds one of the baseball "World Series" in which the "world" does not in fact participate.

Football shows that a top-level international tournament every 2 years is an attractive model. Football has the World Cup alternating with the continental championships (such as Euro) every 2 years. Let's set up something similar for hockey!

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