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11-05-2012, 05:06 PM
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Awesome, welcome Brian, really enjoyed watching you play for us.

Please keep in mind these boards can have nutty things posted on them, please ignore and hang in, having you on will be exciting and insightful, dont go away.

Couple of questions of course. First, if Saku had ever had a power forward in his prime on your line with him, how significant do you think that would have been point wise all around, and do you think he wouldnt have been injured as often ? If yes, why didnt we get one ?

Next, the Habs have shipped out lots of guys, young guys more often than not over the years and it seemed to be after the player exhibited frustration in how he was being played ( players want to play, and Im guessing scoring guys want top 6 minutes, not 4th line minutes ) or he did something that the team found embarrassing to the CH, like Carby giving the finger to the press and of course Roy having the meltdown in the Detroit game. I understand Roy apologized but it didnt matter. Seems that the Habs, more than other teams have an intolerance for that kind of behaviour and has led them to throwing guys away when maybe a talk and apology would have done and been better for the team. Or for kids getting frustrated maybe some talking to and patience. Your thoughts ?

Last, what do you think of the team, and the Gally selection ?

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