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11-05-2012, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by mmbt View Post
All that pre-draft ranking stuff is just to sell magazines and keep a few pundits employed (and help make money for sites like this). Every team has its own draft board, and yet every year you get fans on these boards flipping out over a "reach" or getting pumped up over a "steal." But if the draft were really as simple as just taking the highest-ranked player according to the media, why would teams bother to employ scouts at all and send them all over the place to watch games, if they could do just as well or better by spending 7 bucks on a draft preview? If you don't trust your scouts, you should fire them.

Thing is, when one of those "off the board" picks turns out to be really good 6 years later, no one gives you extra credit for not going by what Bob McKenzie thought you should do. And if you don't pick Pierre Mcguire's latest man-crush and the kid fizzles out, no one remembers that you were smart enough not to buy into the hype. Years down the road, the only thing that's gonna matter is whether you got a good player or not, no one cares whether or not you went "by the book."

I used to keep old draft preview issues, and it was clear how dreadfully wrong most of the reports turned out to be. After seeing how much of a crapshoot the draft is, I stopped getting worked up about it either way.
Different GMs often bring their own Scouts. We, the fans, aren't privy to those scouting evaluations. Many of us not in Europe, Canada or near Canada have no idea who these players are aside from people on boards like these or those magazines you abhor. I like their scouting report. It may differ from what each respective teams have ranked, but the fact a majority of us are introduced to 60 or more prospects in some type of detail or description of play. For example, I had no idea who Rakell was. I just knew of the big names. So these preview magazine do give some info on many prospects that a majority of us don't know about. Also little information like Rakell asked to play center even though he was listed as a RW and still is listed as a RW on many prospect sites, including HF.

I like information. The more the merrier. But know that if you're not on boards like this, you may not know of many prospects. Heck, not a lot of us knew of Lindholm although one TSN person noted he'd be in the top 15. Lastly, we don't know what our scouts want nor do they want to tip their hand. At least we have some rough estimate of where some prospects should be or not.

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