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Originally Posted by KilPhessel View Post
So downloaded Matt G's rosters on operationsports before I started my Oilers Dynasty. The rosters were pretty accurate but I edited a few prospects to help them reach full potential.

Anyways I'm just beginning my 2015-2016 season after losing in the semi finals against the eventual stanley cup champions the Columbus Blue Jackets.

I have made many trades so I'm not going to list any of them. The whole roster is pretty much turned over and is very young and stacked. Still haven't won a cup yet though. And I play about 8-10 games during the year and all playoff games.

Anyway here's the lineup:

J.Drouin(87) - C.McDavid(89) - J.Eberle(88)
T.Hall(85) - R.Nugent-Hopkins(86) - J.Ho-Sang(82)
E.Tangradi(83) - A.Galchenyuk(83) - N.Yakupov(81)
B.Connolly(78) - A.Lander(82) - C.Ashton(80)

M.Reilly(90) - J.Shultz(89)
R.Murray(88) - S.Jones(86)
C.Teubert(80) - J.Blacker(83)


Don't really have that many prospects, but drafted Aaron Ekblad last year. Hes a 72 right now and 4.5 gold stars.

Oh and McDavid is sick in this game. He was an 83 overall in his rookie year where he put up 27 G 46 A for 73 P in 82 GP. He jumped to an 89 so I cant wait to play with him this year.

Anyways let me know what you think and I'll continue to post updates.

Cheers for now.
So even though I posted this team just yesterday I went on a gaming binge last night and today(first day off in awhile). I simmed a bunch of games so I could advance a few seasons to achieve the team i wanted.

I made some huge trades in the past year or so. Sending out Hall, RNH, Tangradi, Galchenyuk, Teubert & Blacker. I won the cup last year for the first time in my dynasty. Connor McDavid won the Art Ross putting up 32 points in 23 game. He put up 52 goals for 98 points during the year.

Anyways I finally have the roster I was hoping for and decided to stop simming and start playing every single game. I will post regular updates after every couple of games.

But without further adieu, here's my team:

Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019 Season

G.Landeskog(86)* - C.McDavid(96) - J.Ho-Sang(87)
J.Drouin(88) - D.Moro(88)** - J.Eberle(87)
Ashton(81) - A.Lander(83) - N.Yakupov(82)
B.Ross(80) - S.Glennie(78) - B.Connolly(79)

M.Reilly(90) - J.Shultz(89)
R.Murray(88) - S.Jones(85)
A.Ekblad(79) - L.Macintosh(78)***


Captain: C.McDavid
Alternate: J.Eberle
2nd Alternate: M.Reilly

*Traded E.Tangradi, C.Teubert, 2nd Round Pick for G.Landeskog
**Traded R.Nugent-Hopkins, J.Blacker, 1st Round pick for D.Moro, L.Mcintosh, 1st Round Pick
***L.Mcintosh is a 1st Round pick with 4.5 gold star potential. Hes 6'8" 258 lbs.

Let me know what you think!

I'll post updates every couple days on my progress playing every game. I'm using custom superstar sliders I found on operations sports.

Cheers for now.

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