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Originally Posted by sniugneP View Post
I really doubt Colbert will draft a tackle in early rounds. Most likely will be linebacker, safety, corner for at least early rounds.
Gotta go where the value is. I think where we will probably be picking, tackle may be a good value there. The ILB class is weird, in I think there will be pockets of ILB's. If any team is looking for a DE, this is the draft. The top 2 rounds are going to be chalked full.

I have a handful of corners/safeties that I like, and I think all will be available in rounds 2-3. In all honesty, from the publications I'm reading, unless a guy drops like DeCastro did, I'd like to back up. I think there will be immense value in the 2-4 rounds because a lot of teams will be trying to find that "it" pass rusher.

Originally Posted by End of Line View Post
How I would like to see the draft go, based on if he we make the playoffs. Somewhere in the 22-28 range.

1. Eric Reid (FS, LSU)
2. Shayne Skov (ILB, Stanford)
3. John Simon (DE, Ohio State)
4. Justin Pugh (OT, Syracuse)
5. Travis Howard (CB, Ohio State)
6. ?
7. ?
I have a short list of guys that'd I'd really like to see, but I'll probably hold off giving my list of guys until the season is more than half over.

Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Stamford is a bit pricier than my area but I see your point. My main problem is that we owe more money than our home is worth. We bought back in 2008 when housing values were already really low and it seemed like a great time to buy, didnt expect them to plummet even more. For the last 4 years between having to pay off mostly interest on the mortgage and having our house drop 60k or so in value there is a 20k or so deficit so we're going to have to rent till we can at least break even and we won't get to enjoy a profit that we could then use towards another house.

The biggest issue in my state is the political climate, that is what I want to flee most. It's just a mentality of when they screw up and blow all their money they then come looking for additional ways to take more from us. We were told in the early 90's that the income tax here would be the be all end all for taxing and that it was going to lessen the burden and all that good stuff, well obviously that wasnt the case and the instituted more and more taxes and hiked up the rates of the income tax as well. Having amongst the highest gas tax, a car tax paid each year to the town, property tax rates that will make most any american squeamish, utility taxes which make utility rates amongst the highest in the nation.. you name it. Not to mention they got the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos cranking out hundreds of million dollars to the state as part of an arrangement in sharing slot revenues. This last summer they upped the sales tax more, made it now apply to services as well as clothes (it used to not) and of course my town upped it's mill rate as well. You can see it's almost like a tidal wave of increased expenses while the job climate has been absolutely abysmal. Right now almost any state looks like greener grass but I worry about how things are done in PA. What is the trend there, have they upped taxes on people in the area lately? I know nationwide everyone is getting hit with increased costs but some states are doubling down on things while others are making some wiser decisions.

It's just a major source of frustration at the moment and I don't want to go to another area only for them to basically engage in the same thing a few years later.
If you move outside of Allegheny County (where PGH is located), taxes are a great deal cheaper. I probably wouldn't live in Allegheny county if I had the choice, but the great thing is that you can live in a different county, but still be within downtown in 20 mins.

Pittsburgh is a Democratic city, so you're going to have that political landscape which usually brings the taxes with it.

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