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11-05-2012, 05:32 PM
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Hello M. Savage.

Welcome to the boards.

As someone else already said, don't be discouraged reading the years of posting users have left - some of them talking about you I'm sure. Hardcore fans can get feisty and callous sometimes especially when shielded by anonymity, and there's a lot of hardcore fans around here. We don't really mean it.

If I were a professional hockey player I'm not sure I would like to read what fans have to say about me. For what I understand I believe you're the first NHL player to publicly come here and post in this forum. You are certainly the first habs to do so. I hope you enjoy the stay, however long it turns out: we certainly appreciate the visit. Actually, you probably made the day of a few thousands hopeless hockey-deprived fans. So thank you.

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