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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
soooo pushed back again?
I don't interpret it as being pushed back. Deciphering the legal definition, at least in this instance, it appears to be the next step in the proceedings:


A pretrial conference is a meeting of the parties to a case conducted prior to trial. The conference is held before the trial judge or a magistrate, a judicial officer who possesses fewer judicial powers than a judge. A pretrial conference may be held prior to trial in both civil and criminal cases. A pretrial conference may be requested by a party to a case, or it may be ordered by the court. Generally, the term pretrial conference is used interchangeably with the term pretrial hearing.

A pretrial conference may be conducted for several reasons: (1) expedite disposition of the case, (2) help the court establish managerial control over the case, (3) discourage wasteful pretrial activities, (4) improve the quality of the trial with thorough preparation, and (5) facilitate a settlement of the case.

Question: What is a Judicial pre-trial meeting (or conference) (“JPT”)?

Answer: For criminal cases which are estimated to take a day or more to be tried in the Ontario Court of Justice, most jurisdictions require that a Judicial pre-trial take place. In all criminal matters that have reached the Superior Court of Justice (which is one level of court higher than the Ontario Court of Justice), Judicial pre-trials are mandatory. These conferences are presided over by a Judge, and require counsel for the Crown and a defence lawyer to attend (unless the accused is unrepresented, in which case s/he may attend on their own). Similar issues as those canvassed at a Crown pre-trial are discussed at a Judicial pre-trial (see “FAQs > What is a Crown pre-trial”), except that a Judge provides input with respect to these issues, and may ultimately assist in bringing the matter to an end without the need for a trial.

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