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Originally Posted by Speed View Post
As he stated himself - it's his opinion.
Evidence was probably the wrong word. It was Craig's opinion, but at least he had the courtesy to elaborate on it. 210 didn't even do that (you did though Speed, which was all 210 had to do in the first place). All he did was act extremely condescending and attack Craig personally by saying he doesn't watch the games.
Posts like these especially rub me the wrong way (along with all the ellipses)
When you watch Friday's and Sunday's games compare them to the Albany loss and Saturday's game...the obvious difference is the reason why the WorSharks beat Bridgeport twice. Come back and report what that difference was
That's practically saying, "You're wrong, but I'm not going to tell you why I think you're wrong". Craig asked for people to critique his articles, but how is he even supposed to respond to a post like this?

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