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11-05-2012, 06:53 PM
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i got lucky this time, last year during irene we weren't nearly as lucky. our block was a disaster and nobody near me had power for 10+ days. this time it was only 3 days, with some spurts after that where we'd lose power for a few hours and then it'd come back. we had one last night again so i'm expecting more.

nassau county is still horrible, especially in the less wealthy neighborhoods which LIPA seems to love to go to last. i live in westbury and most of my neighbors are still without power. surrounding areas like mineola, carle place, east meadow, hicksville are pretty much at 100% power. we still don't even have traffic lights here. the obvious exception is garden city, and i feel bad for anyone living there. for a town so far from the shore garden city got destroyed.

we've taken in my two great aunts who live in garden city, their house is fine but with no power or heat two 90 year old women can't survive. my brother's house in long beach is pretty much destroyed, and they haven't marked it with whether or not it's condemned yet, so he's with us for the time being too. my friend christian in far rockaway lost everything he owns including his house and we weren't even sure if he was alive until i finally heard from him earlier today.

the gas lines have been the most shocking part of this. i saw a woman try and run over a cop for telling her not to cut a gas line. it's getting really awful and tempers are flaring. hopefully that gets solved sooner rather than later. thankfully i'm finally back to work and taking my classes at hofstra, so it's only a matter of time before things get back to normal.

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