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Originally Posted by Reign Nateo View Post
Anyone else find it much better to back-check with a forward rather than try to control a defenceman? I've found the CPU is scoring a lot less cheesy goals if I bring a forward back and try to disrupt the play rather than fumble around with a defenceman. Skating just doesn't work well enough on defence.
I find backchecking with a forward to be more reliable because when you switch to a backwards-skating defenseman, there's a tiny delay before you have control of them and with pivoting as slow as it is already, you're just multiplying your chances of getting beat by the puck carrier.

Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
I cannot stand the shortside goal.

Also any pull-back shot from the slot seems to be a sure goal now.
Pretty much any short side goal scored against me is bull**** because it exploits the goaltender AI's stupidity with moves like this, where there is no reason to go into the butterfly:

About 70% of the goals I've seen online have been similar to this. If not a deke then it's some player with high shooting stats that fires an unscreened wrist shot from the top of the circles that the goaltender AI just cannot save for its life.

Playing this game online may have been the worst decision I ever made, because it's all about scoring "NHL 13" goals and not "hockey" goals. I can lead the time on attack, I can lead in shots, I can cycle around down low, look for a shot, grind out some hard-nosed garbage goals, and lose because someone managed to score a cluster of goals in a minute that all exploit AI shortcomings and have unrealistically high success rates.

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