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11-05-2012, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
Thank again for all the input folks! Greatly appreciated!
The one piece of equipment that I skimped on that i wish I hadn't when i first started out?


As a noob, you are going to fall a lot during a game. While a learn to skate program will teach you how to fall on your buttocks instead of your tail bone... Eventually, you are going to cram the knee hard during a fall. And I mean... hard.

I am 6'2". My first pair of shins were cheapo Easton S3s. I could take a puck off of them fine, but when I was upended and came down hard on my knee?

Ugh. I skated off fine, and skated the rest of the pickup game, but holy hell. I got home and my knee was twice the size, red, blue and ugly yellow. The cheapo shins don't have a lot of padding on the inside...

I picked up a pro level set of Eastons off of Total Hockey red tag clearance. While I haven't taken as big of an impact on my knees since, I have run into the boards at full speed with them a couple of times. With the amount of padding in them, no harm done.

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