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11-05-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
I beg to differ thus far this season:

Murphy has 12 points in 17 games. Within those 17 games, a 3 game stretch accounted for 8 of those 12 points.

That means in the 14 other games, he has generated 4 points, and a combined -5.

Sure you dont sit the kid, but the people who are arguing that he is playing fine are either blind or havent been watching.

He has generated nothing offensively aside from that 3 game stretch, has been a defensive liability, and has taken several foolish minor penalties.

Stop just looking at the name on the jersey and the player he is supposed to be, and start looking at the player we've got.

Yes he can be better, Yes I expect he will get better (as he did last season after his disasterous start) but lets not pretend that he is playing well.

He isnt and its pretty plain and simple, pretty obvious.....
I have to disagree vehemately with this. Defensemen production (Especially in junior) depends greatly on scoring by everyone else. With a lack of secondary scoring, all the defensive pressure is on the big guns and that will affect a defensemen much more than a forward. Murphy's offensive production is his lowest since his rookie year, does that mean he's playing bad? Of course not.

He produces scoring chances every game, something no othter player does. He's better defensively than he's ever been, and he's no where close to a liability (This is the first game in a long time where he's been responsible for a goal against).

Lets not pretend because he's not on the same offensive pace that he isn't playing well. Defensemen need other offensive support to produce, you will never see a player not named Bobby Orr who can produce offensively even if the rest of his offense is struggling.

Let's stop creating him as a scapegoat.

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