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Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
I wouldn't complain about Drouin haha, regardless of his position

Also, why is Ristolainen so low on your list? Just curious

That said you did a hell of a job man.. No way I could do a full 7 rounds, let alone the first round haha..I appreciate the insight

I don't think Ristolainen has been that dominant in Finland. He sure is a good player, no doubt about that but I'm not sure he's a high end guy. I could compare him to Olli Määttä. Both are about the same age. Määttä was one of the younger player of the 2012 draft whereas Ristolainen is among the older this year. Head-to-head Määttä compared much better than Ristolainen as far as I'm concerned. In fact, Ristolainen compares in many ways to Pokka who was a 2nd round pick last year.

Originally Posted by Vasculio View Post
Ristolainen in the 2nd round ? Horvat in the 3rd ?

All for fun, I understand, anyway, the draft is still far, you might be right, although Risto will most probably go top 15...

Good effort, thanks !
Although there are many qualities to Horvat's game, I'm not sure he's a high end guy. By HF's rating he'd be a 6.5A or 7B kinda guy. Very likely to play in the NHL. Not sure about the offense at this point in time.

Originally Posted by That View Post
Good work on this.

I'm curious to your reasoning of having Nikandrov over Cassels and Moutrey. Also why is Jimmy Lodge not included?

It's nice to see Ryan Hartman that high, he's a very good player.

EDIT: Shouldn't have jumped to the rankings. I see now that its based on stats. Sorry for my ignorance.
I'd compare Cassels to Félix Girard last year. Both very useful players, especially in the defensive part of the game, not sure that they're good enough offensively to make it to the next level.

I'm surprised as well that most people have Hartman falling in their rankings. I think he's having a fine year for Plymouth.

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Man, I wish Ristolainen would fall enough for the Canucks to take him.

Does your data factor in ice time and quality of linemates as well?
I use equations that approximate ice time as for most leagues, that data isn't available. It's not perfect, but it gives a good idea nonetheless.

At this point I'm factoring team quality in a players' stats not so much the exact linemates per say yet. I'm working on it but I'm not done yet.

Originally Posted by insider View Post
How exactly do stats have Raphael Lafontaine so low? A few other Q decisions make me think that there has to be some subjectivity in there...
Raphael Lafontaine is a 3rd year player who had done little up until this year. This sort of profile doesn't project well to the NHL in general.

As for the subjectivity. I think you may question the actual capacity of my model to predict players' success but there's no doubt that it's an objective model. There's more variables that come into play than just goals and assists. So, it's not because a player has scored more goals than he'll be ahead of another player. Also, I try to verbalize it as much as possible. So, even if I add qualitative comments, the results themselves are objective and based on hard data.

Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
I'd love to hear your opinion on Ristolainen and why he's so low?
I answered a bit earlier in the post.

Originally Posted by bsmith14 View Post
Mason Geertsen? I have heard rumblings he could be a top 75 pick
Well there's not that much of a gap between 75 and 111. At this point, a good month could move a player several spots or vice versa.

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