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Originally Posted by ki11joy View Post
Was this the playoff year where Laviolette said Bob was starting in net, but then pulled him for Boucher who he then pulled for Leighton who he then pulled for Boucher who he then...I forget what happened after that. But I definitely blame Laviolette's mis-handling of the goaltending situation. There was absolutely ZERO reason to scratch Bob and put Leighton in, what, 2 games into the Buffalo series?. You not only destroy a rookie's confidence after saying in the media that he was your starter, you put in a journeyman goaltender whose first game in the 2010-2011 regular season immediately led to 2 goals eerily similar to Kane's Stanley Cup winner and did not play an NHL game after that for the rest of the regular season.

Contrary to whatever stories the Philadelphia sports media put out, I do not believe Richards was the problem here; I believe the media had a grudge and a bone to pick with Richards and made an issue out of something that had little to do with their lackluster series against Boston.

So while we're on the topic, how about that 2009 collapse in Game 6 against Pittsburgh? Up 3-0, then Carcillo squares off with Talbot and the floor drops out from underneath them. What the hell happened there?
Goaltending merry go round- Laviolette had absolutely no faith in any of the goaltenders and it showed by the way he used them- this translated over to the forwards and defencemen (and goaltenders). Every shot on the Flyers net became an adventure- Carter had his normal play-off, Richards played hurt and it was hard to expect Briere and Leino to repeat their play-off runs of the year before.

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