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11-05-2012, 08:38 PM
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Well I do have to add....Welcome home Brian. 'Cause Montreal will always be your home for me, and HF Boards is the best hockey board of them all. No matter how harsh it is sometimes around here, it is still a tremendous board filled with great people, with great love and analysis of the game. And the GREAT news is that tons of newcomers have come in lately and are already bringing a whole lot to this board so it's not solely about the vets around here, just like a perfect team should be all about. But like every team....there are some goons around so don't mind them....

Again, welcome home and thanks for joining. 'Can't wait to see you bring your perspective on things.

On a humorous note.....what a save..... Has to be the time in your life when you were absolutely 100% sure to have a goal....Crosby reaction is just great.

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