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Originally Posted by Speed View Post
Um, I'm disregarding all the other stuff here - 210 can handle himself
But, while I appreciate Craig going into quite a bit of detail on the prospects, I totally disagee on his evaulation of Stalock as well. He hasn't provided evidence. As he stated himself - it's his opinion.

At the time, I didn't agree that Sateri is the front runner in goalie prospects, nor did I feel Stalock was struggling more. Not even close on either observation. Neither one was getting support from the team around them. Both were trying to do way too much than they should have - and it made them look bad.

Here's his opinion with my comments in bold:

Stalock's positioning and reflexes are a huge concern and at 25 years of age, even at the goaltending position (where you expect a longer process) this is a bit of a positional outlier.

For the sampling of the games Craig saw this year, positioning was an issue due to trying to do too much. I have no idea where there's a concern about reflexes. Below he talks about "highlight-esque saves". How can you do that with bad reflexes?

He's constantly caught off-guard with shots from the outside to the point (it's not even just on screened shots) where I believe puck tracking is a significant issue. Notice how he makes a lot of "highlight-esque saves"? I feel it's because he's out of position or he's just not picking up the puck in the first place to the point where a normal routine "blah" save could have just as easily gotten the job done.

If anything, he's one of the more focused and best in picking up the puck I've seen come through here. Better than Greiss, and up there with Roloson when he was in Worcester.

From my perspective the wins have come from luck. Luck in that when he's out of position he's getting shots flung directly at him with wide open nets, and through strength of opposition--Bridgeport is not a very good team, especially on the offensive end-- and I feel like by late Novemeber those statistics (which aren't very good even from a statistic point of view) could get worse (they might actually get better first though, considering the Sharks play Providence twice in a short stretch and they have real problems). I think there needs to be changes in his game if he's ever going to be an NHL goaltender.

His overall stats don't show that he has issues with positioning or reflexes. His overall stats don't come from luck - especially on a particularly bad 2010-2011 team. You also don't make the all-star team with bad positioning or relfexes.

The only thing Stalock did early on was he tried to do too much. Don't be surprised if he's an all star again this year, and in San Jose next season.
That's the kind of response that I would have liked to have seen and actually encourage. You gave your stance on the subject and pointed out where you disagree. Like I said earlier, I have no opinion on the subject and I'm not going to pretend like I know anything, but what irks me is when people add nothing to the discussion and are merely in it to gloat or act superior.

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