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Originally Posted by kamosko View Post
I don't really have a clue anymore, all this time since Grade 10 I was looking at Graphic Design/Photography but I was starting to second guess that because of all the looks people give me when I tell them, they're always like "oh..." like that's a silly thing to go to Uni for lol
**** that. if you enjoy it and you're good at it then you'd be an idiot not to do it. And graphic designers can make good money. My cousin went to Mohawk college and he's about 26 now and he has his own company, store, works from home, makes pretty good money. Not saying it's a guarantee you'll be successful, but there are a lot of jobs in graphic design I think.

edit: my cousin and his sister's fiancee each made $2500 in one day just for going to a wedding and taking photos and filming it, then making it into a cd dvd thingy.

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