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11-05-2012, 09:06 PM
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As far as Murphy goes, if Spott didn't sit him as a 16 or 17 year old for these frequent gaffes, no way he'll do it now in his last year here. We are just going to have to live with his regular turnovers and hope they don't wind up in the net (poor Gibson deserved better last night) and maybe cost us a game or playoff series. He is our best d-man bar none and to sit him for the rest of the game, or even a portion of a close game doesn't make a lot of sense. Don't worry. His teammates understand, and accept, that there are two different sets of rules for the team's elite and the rest. It usually happens on any team.

Where Murphy is going to do his sitting, is at the next level - where he isn't the best d-man on the team and that team, be it Carolina or their affilate, is where Murphy will have to answer for his gaffes with more than a shoulder shrug or a blurb in the local paper accepting responcibility.

Another place Murphy won't have to answer for these gaffes is at the WJC. Because I can't for the life or me see him included on that team lockout or not! Who in their right mind would have him on the ice in a situation where just one bone head move like the one last night could cost you a gold medal?

I thought he had an outside shot to make the team as a 7th d-man to be used solely on the PP but in reality, he can't be trusted on the ice even in PP situations. If he continues to create turnovers against OHLers, how do you think he'll fare vs the world's best? There are plenty of junior aged d-men who are just as productive offensively while at the same time, are much more responcible defensively (Dougie Hamilton for one) that rank ahead of him.

Spott doesn't pick the WJC team, but he does have input. Can he, with a straight face, campaign to the rest of the selection committee for Murphy to make this team?

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