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Originally Posted by tgo0 View Post
You would seriously leave 20:1 odds on a competitive team winning the cup in any given year?? That's just terrible betting. If anyone had the chance to take the defending Presidents Trophy winner at 20:1 and declines they should not be allowed to bet with monopoly money. /Rant

Back on point...

Take it. Don't think any will (especially over an 82 game season) but it's happened 3 times since the lockout with a lot of guys coming reasonably close, and if there's a shortened season it favours a Rookie pulling it off (less likely that a player tails off at the end of the year)

Don Cherry is done after the 13-14 season (4:1)
Hahaha, look where he is from. He's the type of person you are lucky to find to make bets with. Bets with his heart, never any logic. There are a lot of very stupid "passes" in regards to some of these odds but this guys is the dumbest.

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