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11-05-2012, 09:19 PM
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you say you have a good slapshot, but would you say you take a lot of slappers or more wristers/snappers?
i agree with hyster that it always boils down to personal preference, but if you're more of a slapshot guy, you may want to lean more towards a mid kick type of stick. as a bit of a primer, in case you aren't aware, sticks are generally engineered to kick either midway up the shaft or down low towards where the shaft tapers into the blade. and there's the niche category of shafts that flex wherever the lower hand is(ccm rbz and to a degree, bauer nexus). In my observation, players who seem to favor midkick sticks seem to generally like the feeling of the shaft loading. others don't like that feeling and perceive it as "lag". those types of players generally just like the puck to come off quick without feeling or perceiving that loading sensation which is where low kick sticks come into play and which "feel" stiffer flex for flex compared to midkick sticks. again, these are just generalizations.

specs(flex and curve) truly boil down to personal preference. do you flatter or deeper curves? do yo prefer heel, mid or toe curves? do you prefer something closed or open?

some good options in the midkick category would be bauer nexus and totalone(on sale now)/t1 nxg, ccm rbz, reebok ai9 and miken zl.

bottomline: it all boils down to trial and error.

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