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12-08-2003, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfan19
as for what to do about it?? we can't do nothing except voice our opinions and hope to get someone to hear them
This is where I tend to really disagree. Here we are, thousands of discontented fans, holding on to the money that could solve the NHL's problems, and we obviously have time to voice our discontent. I for one think we should make better use of it. In Montreal, as nowhere else, we are aware of the power of the media. We know the impact they can have on our franchise, its players and coaches. It's time they did something more useful. Instead of voicing our discontent here, let's write to TV commentators, journalists, presidents, GMs, Bettman, Van Hellemond et al. Letís have them hear our displeasureÖ

I realize that I may sound like a dreamer or some guy on a crusade, but this is whatís ruining the game. This is the reason why people donít watch hockey more; there is no flow. The speed that makes hockey exciting has all but disappeared. Yes, it requires a commitment from many people, but the alternative is watching the trap, having strikes and lockouts.

If the game was faster, and had more goals, more people would go, and there league would not be in financial difficulty.

As for mistakes, and missing calls, that will always happen, they will miss a dive here, a punch there... that's not so much the problem. I think this is the result of the growth of this league which was too fast, and now there are too many teams, and not enough qualified refs. They will get better and miss less of those. What I adress here is the laissez-faire towards clutching and grabbing. That's just unforgivable.

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