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11-05-2012, 10:07 PM
David Krejci*
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Anybody have SOTW Zetterberg? I will make you a legit offer, no bs. PM me. Xbox 360.

Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
Call me a sucker if you want, but in all honesty I am completely bored with icing the same roster on a consistent basis and have spent more than enough time searching for decent deals on the AH. Opening packs should be the primary way of building a team in my opinion.
No it shouldn't. Especially when there are no career limits. The whole point of it being so rare to get a good card in a pack, is because once they're out there, they're out there forever. If you constantly got good cards in packs, people could just spend X number of dollars and get a great team, which would be incredibly stupid. It's all luck, I opened 1 premium gold jumbo yesterday, and ended up with St. Louis. I've also opened up about 24 other gold packs, and have gotten lucky a couple times with regular Suter once, and regular Duchene once, but for most of the other ones, I didn't get any good players. That's how it should be. Just because you open 30 gold packs, that doesn't mean that you'll get something good. You know how many packs are opened a day? THOUSANDS, and WAY more than 30 of them come with absolutely nothing in them, so it's not really a huge shock that you didn't get anything. If you're going to spend anything on pucks, you should be expecting to get nothing, it's like playing Russian Roulette.

One thing that I HATE, is that you can't pull a trade down once you offer it. Someone put SOTW Zetterberg up for 3 hours with a 125k starting bid, with no BIN. Now, either this guy had no idea what he had, or he wanted a bid war. I didn't want to offer a trade, and have it up there for 3 hours. Or god forbid, offer a trade, and then have him not respond, and then I win the bid, and lose the pucks I offered in the trade (horrible glitch, if you haven't heard about it yet). Within 5 minutes, it was gone, someone must've offered him a trade and he took it. I mean at the VERY least, give us the means to contact that person and talk to them, and negotiate something. And fix that glitch, that's horrible.

I wasn't going to offer the guy 300k in a trade, and then be out that 300k for 3 hours if he doesn't respond to the trade. You shouldn't be able to pull down things you put up for auction, but you should 100% be able to take down a trade that you've offered.

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