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11-05-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
To be fair, some of those numbers are on the low side too. I think it's important to remember that some players have the advantage of playing on talented teams in the CHL(and in the CHL you have three different leagues - and the numbers from league to league are not going to be the same) or the NCAA, while others have to carry a much heavier load. On top of that, players develop at their own rate, so sometimes you're just looking at players who really started to peak a bit earlier than others, as well as others who took a bit more time.

Just a little more context.
Three notable low ones are Kesler, Staal, and Bergeron. They were only 17 those seasons, so the relatively low numbers are still pretty impressive.

McClement and Backes are the two real low scorers that did not score a lot as older players in their junior leagues.

You can make all the caveats you want, and it could explain any one or two prospects. Just like how you might use those caveats for our guys. I still think it's pretty striking how prolifically most of them scored.

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