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11-05-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
They are legitimately thieves

I have no shame in admitting I have spent maybe 15 bucks on packs, and once when I got a premium gold jumbo, my only player above 80 was ryan jones, even though they are supposedly guaranteed 5 rares

I called EA, and they basically sent me through this giant bearucracy where I talked to one person, who sent me to someone else, who told me to call someone else, who emailed me something else, etc. Its been two weeks now and I havent heard back. I realize the pack only cost 2 dollars but seriously I just want to get a new pack, how is that so hard?

I dont even know what I can do... Its like the US government, impossible for any action. There are like checks and balances just to get a refund or a new pack

I dont know what I can even do, like I said its only like 2 dollars, but the fact that I didnt get what I paid for makes me really mad. I wish there was like a manager that I could speak to, but I guess now that they have my 60 dollars they dont care if I like it or not haha

I agree with you in ways, in taht it should be harder to get star players now that there are no contracts, but tell me you dont feel ripped off after getting a gold pack with Brent Lebda and two rare injury cards or something like that...

Its total bull. A great idea for EA, would be to make Injury cards ACTUALLY RARE. Like rarer than a captain, change team, change position card. Then we would actually give a **** about injuries.

But I agree with High Life Man that using packs is the most fun way to make a team, but EA is making that impossible. I would like to open more packs, thats all I did in HUT 2012, but its just not worth it at all in 13...

One thing I would love to see is like a boom or bust pack, where you are going to get ONE card, and there is a 50 percent chance it will be an 85 or above, but a 50 percent chance it could be an injury card or something ******. Charge 7.5k for it, and Ill take that gamble.

And I 100 percent agree on the removing trade ofers feature. I know your struggles
I think most people would. There would be WAY too many good players out there.

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