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I tried my best to speak french but I know it wasn't the best. I threw a couple english words in all the time.

I had respect for all those coaches and got along with all. If I had to rate them I would say Demers, Vigneault, Therrien and Trembley. Trembley was thrown into a tough situation and we were friends before as he was the radio announcer. He didn't really have any experience as head coach. I believe he was a way better head assistant coach as he could interact more with the players as he did in Minny.

As for the hardest working player, I would have to say Shane Doan I played with in PHX or Kirk Muller and Turner Stevenson in my earlier days in Montreal. They were very professional and great team players. I played with a lot of great people during time in the NHL.

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Welcome aboard Brian!

If I'm not wrong, I think you're the last player who learned French well enough to give interviews. I can assure you it earned you A LOT of respect, and I think many Habs players should learn from your example! Oh well, I'm sure what helps is to get a French speaking girlfriend...

I also remember that 4-2-6 game in Long Island. Right in the middle of the ice storm. I actually missed that game because I had no electricity, and was amazed to find out about it!

Question : You've had 4 coaches in Montreal (Demers, Tremblay, Vigneault and Therrien). Could you list them from your favorite to your least favorite?

Question : Who were the hardest workers you've ever played with in Montreal? (even if they were not so talented)

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