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Indimidation was bigger back in my earlier days in the NHL. The game has changed a lot. New rules allows the skilled players to perform without the clutching and grabbing they use to do in the old days. You have to be able to play the game now. Fights can always change to momentum of games for the good but sometimes for the bad. I remember a fight in the old forum with Domi and Brashear. Brashear was young and Domi was a heavy weight. Leafs were out paling us badly but Brash gave it to him and changed the momentum of the game and we went on to win.

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Wow . This is surreal. It's awesome that you decided to join and share your input. Welcome to the board!

A couple questions for you. Obviously toughness is a big debate with the Habs, so how much do you value it? Is intimidation on the ice really that big of a factor? In terms of the Habs currently, is there enough grit on the roster? What's the feeling when someone drops the mitts, does it make you want to go all out next shift?

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